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Play With Me is a beautifully illustrated book for 4-8 year old readers. Proceeds from this sale benefit nonprofit organisation Library For All, helping children around the world learn to read.


Feeding Shari and Shari’s Busy Family are a duet that explores basic breastfeeding hygiene and what it means to have a new baby in the family.


In My Village is a simple abc book based on familiar items that might be found in a small village community.

They labour in vain those who build it

Mole8 tries to raise his mate in the last Molehouse of an underground network. Humanity has retreated in a post-apocalyptic future. With no response, Mole8 sets out to find his friend. Could he be the last boy in the world?

Here is an excerpt:

“Pig boy, it’s M8te. You up?” Mole8 releases the button. Waited. Tried again. Maybe he had timed it wrong, or Molehouse7 was asleep, or out in their tunnels.

“Yo.” It was a phrase from an ancients comic book - the only one left in his Molehouse. “Yo, Pigboy? You there?” odd. Pigboy always manned the radio between his nap cycles, while his family dig the tunnels, hunted for water or tended the fungus gardens.

M8te was the name Pigboy had given him years ago when he first worked the radio and Sita moved into the tunnels He was the only person Mole8 had spoken to outside of his own Molehouse for years.

Now Pigboy was the only person Mole8 spoke to at all.

“They labour in vain those who build it” is part of the Elemental anthology. It’s available for pre-order